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Collected ATOS News Articles

This list contains articles in the UK Press about the Work Capability Assessment for ESA as implemented by ATOS

 It is up to date to the end of 2012, I will continue to add more as they are published.

Further information about this subject can be foundat the end of the page.

With thanks to @Blacktriangle1 @WelfareUnion @Dis_PPL_Protest and @AngusCarruthers  who provided the links to many of these articles.

March 2013

Mail - Blind in one eye, partially deaf and facing major spinal surgery but Thalidomide mother is STILL found fit to work - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2293974/Blind-eye-partially-deaf-facing-major-spinal-surgery-Thalidomide-mother-STILL-fit-work.html

February 2013

BBC News - MPs criticise disability benefits tests - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21376915
The Fed Online - Atos nurses were told: ‘You’re too nice to work here’ - http://www.thefedonline.org.uk/disability-in-the-news/atos-nurses-were-told-you-re-too-nice-to-work-here
Manchester Evening News - Blind Chadderton woman is ordered back to work wins benefits battle - http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/blind-chadderton-woman-ordered-back-1346646
New Statesman - The tragedy of Alice - How the Work Capability Assessment costs lives
Herald Scotland - Busy GPs refuse to help disabled patients fight benefit tribunals - http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/health/busy-gps-refuse-to-help-disabled-patients-fight-benefit-tribunals.20456755
Independent - Capable of 'work-related activity': Partially blind Thalidomide victim with brain tumour fights Atos decision to force her to attend interviews and put together CV - http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/capable-of-workrelated-activity-partially-blind-thalidomide-victim-with-brain-tumour-fights-atos-decision-to-force-her-to-attend-interviews-and-put-together-cv-8536873.html

January 2013

Guardian - 'This brutal new system': a GP's take on Atos and work capability assessments - http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jan/04/gp-atos-work-capability-assessment
Ekklesia - Latest Work Capability Assessment proposals will worsen plight of sick and disabled people | - http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/17811
Guardian - Atos comes under attack in emotional Commons debate - http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/jan/17/atos-attack-emotional-commons-debate
London Evening Standard - Deaths warning as MPs blast Atos - http://www.standard.co.uk/panewsfeeds/deaths-warning-as-mps-blast-atos-8455906.html
The Fed Online - New ‘fitness for work’ test changes ‘could breach Human Rights Act’ - http://www.thefedonline.org.uk/disability-in-the-news/new-fitness-for-work-test-changes-could-breach-human-rights-act

December 2012

Daily Record- Blaze survivor turns to Christmas food bank after his jobseeker's allowance is cut
Daily Record- Revealed: Tory tests passed Alexander Mackie fit to work despite being registered blind and walking with a white stick
Daily Record- Lung transplant patient's benefits cash slashed from £130 to £21
Guardian- Disabled man takes government to court over benefit test
Independent- Disabled man abandoned on the second floor of building during Atos fire alarm evacuation
This is Staffordshire- Shelton benefits blunder victim Chris Cann dies
Huffington Post- Atos Disability Benefits Row: Epileptic Colin Traynor's Death Blamed On Stress Of Being Found 'Fit For Work
Manchester Evening News- Paralympian with one leg told he's 'not disabled enough' to receive benefits

November 2012

Craven Herald- Disabled carer told ‘you’re fit to work’
Daily Record- Atos killed my dad, says boy 13
Daily Record- Iain Duncan Smith to write to distraught teenager who blames Atos for father's death
Daily Record- Benefits clawback firm ATOS call back cancer patients and dementia sufferers
Daily Star- £25m on appeals
Guardian- Work capability assessment reform too slow, says independent review
Herald- Staff anger as benefit test firm Atos wins Government counselling contract
Huffington Post- Disabled Man Christos Palmer On Hunger Strike Outside Atos Offices After Being Found 'Fit For Work'
Independent- How can it be that a disabled man needs to go on hunger strike just to get heard by Atos?
Isle of Man Today- Almost 70% lose incapacity benefit
Mail Online- ATOS work capability assessment: Double heart bypass patient in post-operative intensive care is sent Government letter ordering him back to work
Manx Radio- Labour MP concerns over Atos Healthcare
New Statesman- Sick and tired: the coalition’s war on the disabled and destitute
Politics.co.uk- Man with terminal brain cancer told he's 'fit for work'
This is Derbyshire- System targets society's most vulnerable people
Wales Online- Cancer-stricken ex-RAF pilot becomes victim of benefits cuts
Your Local Guardian- Grandfather with traumatic brain injury told he is fit to work

October 2012 

BBC News- 'Blame shared’ over sickness benefit test problems
Daily Record- Disabled Scots spared Atos assessment after firm forced into retreat thanks to Record campaign
Daily Record- Axemen ATOS face £40m payday for work making disabled Scots miserable
Express- Doctor 'shocked' by benefits system
Guardian- How welfare assessors told disabled woman to get ready for work
Guardian- Get ready for work: what woman who needs constant care was told
Guardian- Atos calls in public sector to take on outsourced medical assessments
Huffington Post- Department of Work and Pensions Blunders, Exposes Dirty Washing in Public
Independent- How many more, George? Ruth Anim and Liam Barker - different disabilities, very similar situations
Independent- Enough is enough. Disabled people are driven to suicide because of the Government's welfare reform
Independent- Fear of fitness to work tests driving disabled patients to suicide, say 6% of GPs
Isle of Man Today- Atos’s bill is ‘confidential’
Mirror- Atos to land £40m profit from disability test contract in North and Scotland
Public Service Online- Hodge: DWP management contract 'easily exploited'
Socialist Worker- Atos documents reveal chaos behind Tory benefit reforms
Telegraph- 20,000 back-to-work assessments on benefits claimants 'substandard', audit finds
Telegraph- Botched tests deny the disabled their benefits

September 2012

BBC News- ATOS protests and disability benefit payment changes
24 Dash- MP's constituent with broken back passed 'fit for work'
Belfast Telegraph- Crowd voices ATOS anger
Big Issue- ATOS are unfit to test disability, say Big Issue readers
Camden New Journal- Mother who was signed off work with 'excruciating pain', another victim of controversial disability benefit assessments
Crosby Herald- Amputee denied benefits despite chronic pain
Daily Record- Alex Salmond wants to give ATOS £3million
Daily Record- ATOS bill for humiliating assessments matches benefits for 55,000 disabled Scots
Daily Record- ATOS scandal victims speak to the Daily Record
Daily Record- ATOS scandal: Benefits bosses admit over half of people ruled fit to work ended up destitute
Daily Record- Benefits bullies ATOS are driving Scots to brink of suicide
Daily Record- Disabled need help but ATOS is failing them in the worst way possible
Daily Record- Labour MP calls for 'fundamental reform' of ATOS' capability assessment
Daily Record- Marine's ordeal at the hands of ATOS
Daily Record- Nurse makes heartfelt apology after ATOS forced her to trick disabled people out of benefits
Daily Record- Royal Marine who lost limb in Afghanistan has disability benefit stopped in ATOS scandal
Daily Record- Tories accuse ATOS scandal stories of being 'anecdotal' as cross-party support hails campaign
Disability News Service- London 2012: The ATOS cover-up continues
Ekklesia- Work-or-starve plans for seriously ill welfare claimants might backfire
Fed Online- Disabled claimants feel ‘persecuted’ by WCA system, say MPs
Google News- Protest over 'fit for work' tests
Guardian- ATOS is doing a good job – as the government's flakcatcher
Guardian- Big-name brands were the major losers of London 2012
Guardian- Catch up with the Paralympics vibe – stop excluding disabled people
Guardian- Disabled benefits claimants face £71 a week fines for breaching work plan
Guardian- Docking benefits from sick and disabled people unable to work is barbaric
Guardian- Government relaxes plans forcing cancer patients to actively seek work
Guardian- Labour calls for review of sickness benefits assessment
Guardian- Letters: Private firms' role in creation of disability assessment regime
Guardian- Paralympians express fears over disability living allowance plans
Guardian- Paralympics 2012: disability makes for a surprisingly political Games
Huddersfield Examiner- Huddersfield protestors campaign against Paralympic sponsor ATOS
Huddersfield Examiner- Huddersfield protestors occupy job centre in demonstration against French firm ATOS Healthcare (Video) -
Huffington Post UK- ATOS 'Makes Benefits Error' On One In Five Assessments, DWP Figures Show
Huffington Post UK- Universal Credit and Disability Allowance Controversy
IC Sefton and West Lancs- Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson calls for ATOS Healthcare to be axed in benefits row
Independent- ATOS assessor 'forced to judge disabled fit for work'
Independent- Empty words don't fund a full life for disabled people
Independent- Not all disabled people can be world-beaters
Independent- Paralympics stars urged to denounce ATOS
Independent- Politics and the Paralympics: Voters are against cuts to disability benefits
Independent- Thousands of sick and disabled people face months of worry over this sorry test
Independent- Chris Grayling heckled in parliamentary debate as he defended Government use of ATOS Healthcare
Irish Times- Death of cancer patient who went public over benefit cuts
Islington Tribune- Disabled campaigners challenge benefit company and Paralympic sponsor accused of ‘assessing people’s lives in minutes’
Liverpool Daily Post- Mr Brocklebank: Vulnerable? Let me get my violin out!
Mail- Benefits bosses apologise after war veteran and his daughter were wrongly denied payments
Mail- Job Centre Plus: Paralysed teen who has been on life support since birth is told to prove he can't work or lose benefits
Metro- One-legged marine 'not disabled enough' to be allowed benefits
Mirror- ESA cuts: Government's disability assessment policy is not working for those most in need
Mirror- Public Service David Cameron and George Osborne booed at Paralympic events
Mirror- Team GB slam government plans to slash disability payments
Morning Star- New research shows how disabled bear brunt of Tory cuts
Morning Star- What game is ATOS playing?
Northampton Chronicle and Echo- Living with the cuts: a look at the reality for disabled people in Northamptonshire
Northamptonshire Telegraph- MP calls for ATOS contract review
Optician Online- Paralympics sparks ATOS assessment row
Press Association- Protest over 'fit for work' tests
PressTV- ‘Paralympics welfare cuts propaganda’
PressTV- UK government cuts affect disabled people
Public Service Europe- Paralympics embarrassment - a warning for George Osborne
Public Service Magazine- 'Disability 'fit to work' tests can kill' - Public Service
Rethink Mental Illness- New GP survey shows Government welfare test is pushing vulnerable people to the brink
Right to Work- ATOS Shamed And DWP Occupied
RT News- Sponsorship scandal mars Paralympics
Scotsman- Analysis: Are Paralympians being used as tools in the propaganda war against disability benefits?
Scotsman- Paralympics buzz will not drown out chorus of disapproval of ATOS
Scotsman- Paralympics propaganda for welfare cuts, claim disabled
Sheffield Telegraph- MP calls for ATOS contract review
Sheffield Telegraph- Protest over 'fit for work' tests
Sheffield Telegraph- Sheffield’s disabled join Paralympic protest
Socialist Worker- 'ATOS forced me to crawl on floor in tears'
Socialist Worker- 'Seven medals but now Tories want my benefits'
Socialist Worker- Hundreds protest outside ATOS headquarters then blockade DWP
This is Gloucestershire- Demo on disabled benefit cuts

August 2012

BBC News- Paralympic sponsors cause controversy
BBC News- Disabled people 'wrongly deprived of benefits'
BBC News Kent- Maidstone CAB 'wins 95% of work test benefit appeals'
BBC News London- Disability protests at benefits contractor ATOS HQ
BBC News London- ATOS protest: Disability rights groups target firm
BBC News Northern Ireland- Benefits appeal woman Cecilia Burns from Strabane has died
BBC News UK- Watchdog finds 'weaknesses' in sickness benefit system
BBC News UK- Sickness benefit contractor ATOS Healthcare to review letters
BBC News UK- Minister for Disabled People: 'We need to get changes right'
Blottr- Protesters stage 'die-in' against ATOS sponsorship of Paralympics
Blottr- ATOS: Public criticism gains momentum after inspirational Paralympics Opening Ceremony
Brand Channel- Paralympic Sponsor ATOS Getting Grief From Athletes
Bristol 247- Bristol MP backs protest against Paralympics sponsor
Channel 4 News- Paralympic Games open with a message of inspiration
Channel 4 News- Disability rights protesters invade government building
Channel 4 News- Did GB Paralympians choose to hide ATOS branding?
Computer Weekly- Paralympic protests against ATOS reaches Whitehall
Computer Weekly- Disability activists hijack Paralympics for ATOS protest
Computer Weekly- ATOS employees to be investigated over Facebook remarks about disability benefit applicants
Computer Weekly- ATOS and Capita win £540m in controversial DWP disabilities testing contract
Express- MP calls for ATOS contract review
Guardian- Phil Disley on ATOS's involvement with the Paralympics - cartoon
Guardian- Paralympics 2012: crossing London can be an obstacle course for disabled fans
Guardian- Letter: Paralympic paradox
Guardian- Disabled people protest against ATOS role in Paralympics
Guardian- Cuts to disability services threaten our Paralympian future - Sue Marsh
Guardian- Celebrate Paralympians, but remember they needed state help to get there
Guardian- British Paralympic team deny 'anti-ATOS protest'
Guardian- Behind the Paralympics, the reality for disabled people in Britain 2012
Guardian- ATOS protests climax with 'day of action' against Paralympics sponsor
Guardian- ATOS holds £3bn of government contracts
Guardian- ATOS doctors could be struck off
Guardian- ATOS and Capita named as preferred bidders for PIP disability assessments
Huffington Post UK- Scuffles At ATOS Paralympics Protest As Police And Disability Campaigners Clash (VIDEO) (PICTURES)
Huffington Post UK- Paralympics: Government Accused Of 'Hypocrisy' Towards Disabled People
Huffington Post UK- Paralympics 2012 Could Improve Public Attitudes To Disability, Scope Research Shows
Huffington Post UK- Paralympic Organisers Accused Of Discriminating Against Wheelchair Users
Huffington Post UK- Matt Carr: Disabled people: heroes or scapegoats?
Huffington Post UK- Cecilia Burns Dead: Benefits Campaigner, Who Appealed Against 'Fit To Work' Report By ATOS, Dies
Independent- The lasting legacy of the Paralympics should be to see disabled people as equal
Independent- Paralympic sponsor engulfed by disability tests row
Independent- Paralympic sponsor ATOS engulfed by disability tests row
Independent- Mark Steel: Odd choice for a Paralympics sponsor
Independent- Leading article: These Games are about ability and inspiration
Independent- Leading article: A fantastic show – but it wasn't the whole story
Independent- Hundreds protest against Paralympics sponsor ATOS as anger about its role in slashing benefits bill intensifies
Independent- Half a million disabled people may lose benefits under reforms
Independent- Gold for UK plc, but no podium for sponsors
Independent- David Cameron praises Paralympians, but his policies will crush them
Independent- ATOS contract does not offer value for money, says National Audit Office
Independent- Letters: A bitter blow for disabled people
Inside the Games- Olympic sponsor targeted by angry disability groups over links to London 2012
ITN News- Disability protesters clash with police
ITV News Wales- Protest in Cardiff over tests for incapacity benefit
Londonist- Paralympic Sponsor ATOS Provokes Protests
Mail- Widow awaiting cancer surgery told to get back to work by benefits inspectors following Government welfare reforms
Mail- When Are You Going To Stand Up For Our Sick And Disabled, Mr. Miliband?
Mail- Triple amputee warned he will lose his benefits unless he can prove he is disabled
Mail- The Paralympics celebrate the strength of disabled people – and so do all the protests that accompany them
Metro- Protesters show anger at Paralympic sponsor over disability benefit work
Metro- Disabled rights campaigners protest at ATOS and DWP
Mirror- David Cameron wins gold medal for hypocrisy for his treatment of disabled people
Mirror- ATOS protests: "Grand finale" to a week of action against 'fit for work' testing firm
Mirror- 32 disability benefit claimants die after being forced into jobs
Morning Star- Where the real greed lies
Morning Star- What game is ATOS playing?
Morning Star- Tycoonery
Morning Star- The company that doesn't give ATOS about disability
Morning Star- Paralympic hero joins ATOS protest
Morning Star- Paralympians join action against ATOS
Morning Star- New disability test will 'cause suicides'
Morning Star- Home carer calls for hypocrite Cameron to be prosecuted
Morning Star- Disabled target ATOS on eve of Paralympics
Morning Star- Disabled storm DWP in daring anti-ATOS raid
Morning Star- Disability campaigners are set to descend on Paralympic sponsor ATOS yet again tomorrow
Morning Star- Coalition told it must punish ATOS for mess
Morning Star- Campaigners target Games sponsor ATOS
Morning Star- Campaigners take ATOS fight to firm's HQ
Morning Star- Callousness beyond belief
Morning Star- Beggaring the nation
Morning Star- As low as you can get
Morning Star- Anti-cuts demo targets ATOS HQ
Morning Star- 'Is this country worth dying for?'
New Statesman- Perhaps Iain Duncan Smith will accuse me of peeing on the data
New Statesman- Labour must lead the way in restoring politics after its abuse by elites
New Statesman- Is benefit-bashing the next Osborne gamble to go wrong?
Press TV- ATOS protests climax with ‘day of action’ against Paralympics sponsors‎
Public Finance Magazine- NAO finds faults in disability assessments contract
Public Service Magazie- NAO finds failings in fitness for work test
Public Service Magazine- Protests against Paralympics partner get senior support
Redpepper Magazine- ATOS sponsors the Paralympics? It’s enough to make you scream
Rocket News- Benefits cut appeal woman dies
Scotsman- Joyce McMillan: Cynically demonising the disabled
Sheffield Telegraph- Sheffield’s disabled join Paralympic protest
Socialist Party Magazine- Paralympics, ATOS scandal, Remploy closures... Con-Dems win gold for hypocrisy!
Sourcing Focus- National Audit Office criticises ATOS ‘under-performance’
Sourcing Focus- Disability activists prepare to protest against ATOS
Sourcing Focus- "Disability activists prepare to protest against ATOS”
Tech Week Europe- Paralympics Sponsor ATOS Hits Back At Disability Protesters
Telegraph- Video: Disability rights protesters clash with police outside Department for Work and Pensions
The Consultant- ATOS, Capita scoop £500 million in UK DWP disability award.
The Daily Shame- ATOS parasites, sorry, employees have fun on Facebook
This is Derbyshire- Pressure mounts against firm over assessments for sickness support
This is Derbyshire- Fury at Paralympic 'hypocrisy' of private firm ATOS behind fit-to-work tests
This is Hull and East Riding- Benefits protest at Hull branch of ATOS over Paralympic Games 'hypocrisy'
This is Hull and East Riding- 'Responsibility to treat disabled people fairly'
This is South Wales- Disabled groups in sponsor protest
Times of News- ATOS benefit appeal woman dies
Wales Online- MP calls for ATOS contract review
Wales Online- Disabled People Against Cuts stage demo against Paralympics sponsor
Washington Post- As Paralympics start, Britain’s disabled decry cuts
Washington Post- Activist Patrick Lynch sobs during a protest next to ATOS’s London headquarters
Womens Views on News- Disabled people slam ‘hypocrisy’ of Paralympics sponsor
Yahoo! News- Protest over 'fit for work' tests

July 2012

BBC News- Benefit cheats 'colour attitudes to disabled people'
Camden New Journal- Disabled protest over ‘fit for work’ tests at ATOS in Holloway
Computer Weekly- ATOS profits grow 2% in first half of 2012 to €102m
Guardian- Flaws exposed in fit for work test
Guardian- Fitness-for-work tests hit by technical chaos
Guardian- Chris Grayling's email to Ministry of Justice – full document
Guardian- Benefits assessment firm causing 'fear and loathing' among claimants, says MP
Herald- New Statesman - Work capability assessments: the fightback
Huffington Post UK- Could We Have a Corporate-Free Olympics? Yes We Could!
Independent- Benefits and targets: Sickness and disability are not the same
Independent- Deaf and disabled artists take centre stage
Mail- Out... Boss of incapacity benefit crackdown who called for more humanity
Mail- Flawed disability tests 'send those who are genuinely sick and unable back to work'
Mirror- Doctor claims Government has issued targets for 7 out of 8 to be reclassified as eligible for work
Morning Star- Pressure piles up on sick profiteers ATOS
Morning Star- Disabled means-test to be challenged at High Court
Morning Star- ATOS workers to vote on Olympic strikes
New Statesman- Work capability assessments: the fightback
New Statesman- Withdrawing benefits when there are no jobs to find is just cruel
New Statesman- Welfare reform suicides must not be overlooked
Sourcing Focus- Olympic sponsor ATOS faces summer strikes
Telegraph- Disability tests 'sending sick and disabled back to work'
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism- Tough love or tough luck: assessing disability benefits
The Fed Online- Access to Work figures are ‘disgraceful’, says shadow minister
This is Derbyshire- Review into flawed benefits system assessment praised
This is Derbyshire- Hundreds in Derbyshire win victory in sickness benefits battle

June 2012

Camden New Journal- 'Don't play games with lives - disabled people won't be silenced during the Olympics'
Daily Record- Fury over £1m bonus for chief exec of controversial Sickness benefit test company
Guardian- Judge considers judicial review of Work Capability Assessment
Huffington Post UK- Welfare Payment Cuts: Chris Grayling Refused To Hear Case Of Breast Cancer Sufferer
Mirror- ATOS fatcat lands £1m bonus for helping to slash disability benefits bill
Morning Star- Tory brushes off suicide warning
Morning Star- MP reveals fight against depression
New Statesman- Human cost of welfare reform
New Statesman- How many more disabled people will die frightened that their benefits will be taken away?
New Statesman- How many more disabled people will die ...
This is Derbyshire- 'The whole system needs sorting out' says patient after benefit claim saga

May 2012

Computer Weekly- Department for Work and Pensions spent £24m with ATOS in 2011
Disabled Go News- SEN reforms: Government pushes ahead with anti-inclusion plans
Independent- Tanni Grey-Thompson: Paragon of the Paralympics
Morning Star- Paralympians join calls to stop cuts
Morning Star- Media is fuelling hate against disabled benefit claimants
Morning Star- Living at the sharp end
New Statesman- 500,000 could lose their disability benefits
This is Derbyshire- Council's cuts will have devastating impact on homeless, warns group

April 2012

Guardian- Disability rights protesters bring Trafalgar Square traffic to a standstill
Mirror- 32 die a week after failing test for new incapacity benefit
Morning Star- Disabled activists target Olympics
New Statesman- Raising the pension age will just turn 69-year-olds ...
This is Derbyshire- Half of those on incapacity in Derbyshire are deemed 'fit for work'
This is South Wales- Review finds a third on benefits are fit to work

March 2012

BBC News Northern Ireland- Strabane cancer woman's fury at benefit cut
Belfast Telegraph- Cancer sufferer furious at being told she's fit to work
Mail- The Coalition want people with mental health issues to get working. And what work would that be then?
Mail- Suicide training in Job Centres? Cancer patients scrubbing floors? Welcome to Cameron's Brave New World
Mail- British people are committing suicide to escape poverty. Is this what the State wants?
New Statesman- Cameron's desperate offer to voters: nastiness in the national interest
South Wales Echo- Letters to the editor
Telegraph- Twice as many judges needed to handle benefits appeals
This is Derbyshire- Robin Mitchell who sufferes from Parkinson's faces fit-to-work test
This is Derbyshire- Parkinson's patient faces having his benefit halved

February 2012

BBC News UK- Ministers admit to sickness benefits backlog
Blottr- Public critical as Paralympics sponsor wins £400m disability testing contract
Mail- Why does David Cameron insist on disability cuts that even sickened his own party?
Mail- This is not wartime Nazi Germany and Cameron's attacks on the vulnerable and needy must be stopped
Mirror- Terminally ill face being forced to do work experience or lose their benefits
Mirror- Grandad declared capable of work by testing firm died one month later
Morning Star- ATOS protesters brave bitter chill to picket firm's HQ
New Statesman- The revolt against workfare spreads

January 2012

Guardian- Disability campaigners stage central London protest against welfare reforms
Huffington Post UK- Disability Living Allowance Disgrace
Independent- The big questions: Should ATOS be sponsoring the Paralympics?
Mail- Welfare Reform Bill: Where is our national conscience?
Mail- David Cameron's Welfare Reform Bill: Hiding the truth is not the way to achieve it
Morning Star- Trespass charges dropped
New Statesman- Why British journalists are taught to be dishonest

December 2011

Huffington Post UK- Government's Use of ATOS to Combat Benefit Fraud is Flawed, Costly and Counterproductive
Morning Star- 'Victorian picnic' picket hits ATOS
This is Cornwall- Recession 'hardens attitude to the disabled'
November 2011
BBC News Scotland- Disabled 'suicidal' over Welfare Reform Bill
Mail- Wheelchair users banned from using lift at assessment centre for disability benefits
Mirror- Outrage as firm accused of 'smearing' disabled is named Paralympics sponsor

October 2011

Morning Star- Hardest hit fight back against cuts
New Statesman- Let's help Dave get his facts straight
New Statesman- How Osborne could squeeze benefits again
Wales Online- Letters to the editor

September 2011

Channel 4 News- Campaigners threaten Paralympics boycott
Morning Star- Claimants on streets over ATOS national protests
Morning Star- CarerWatch forum up after ATOS libel threat
This is Hull and East Riding- Heartache of Bridlington soldier Aron Shelton, who lost leg in Afghanistan bomb blast, only to face benefits battle
This is Hull and East Riding- Bridlington soldier Aron Shelton, who lost leg in Afghanistan bomb blast, wins benefits battle

August 2011

Mirror- ATOS worker sneers at "down and outs"
Mirror- ATOS complaint suspends carerwatch website
Morning Star- Firm to negotiate over closure of disabled forum
Morning Star- Care firm silences its critics
Morning Star- ATOS threatens legal action against disabled man
Morning Star- Activist sings the benefit blues
Sourcing Focus- ATOS Healthcare Employees Investigated
This is Derbyshire- Why is Government using private firm for checks?

July 2011

Camden New Journal- Ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan and Iraq is refused benefits under assessment system
Camden New Journal- Disabled protest over ‘fit for work’ tests at ATOS in Holloway
Guardian- Disability benefit reform: is the government hiding behind ATOS errors?
Guardian- A contract to terrify 1.5m people on incapacity benefit
Huffington Post UK- Legal aid reveals government test for incapacity benefit is inaccurate
Mirror- ATOS, company paid to drive people off disability benefits, slammed by MPs after blunders
Wales Online- People on disability benefits left petrified ahead of new eligibility test, warns MP

June 2011

Mirror- Steve Cram runs into conflict
New Statesman- The poorest deserve a change from our broken benefits system
New Statesman- The government needs to know how afraid people are
New Statesman- How Labour got welfare wrong - and how it can put it right
New Statesman- Dignity in life, dignity in death
New Statesman- Archbishop of Canterbury: “no one voted” for the coalition's policies
Public Service Magazine- People ''killing themselves'' over reforms

May 2011

Camden New Journal- MP Emily Thornberry intervenes to win benefits for ex-housing worker put through ‘humiliating’ assessment
Channel 4 News- Disabled people protest against cuts
Londonist- Week Of Action For Disability Rights
Mirror- Stress of Tory benefits tests killed our dad, family claims
Morning Star- Disabled activists claim new testing system ignores advice of medical

April 2011

Camden New Journal- Claimants lose out
Camden New Journal- ATOS Healthcare's fit-to-work testing ‘demeans’ disabled
New Statesman- The war on welfare scroungers, part 94
New Statesman- The shame is all theirs

March 2011

Channel 4 News- Benefits reform: disabled people 'terrified' by changes
Mirror- No answers to our ATOS Origin questions
This is South Wales- A Port Talbot mum has travelled to London to lobby against new benefit rules that might lead to her son losing his independence.

February 2011

Guardian- Letterrs: Anguish over benefits tests
Mirror- Another sick attack on the ill
New Statesman- Tory welfare reforms are misguided
This is Derbyshire- PROTESTERS who gathered outside a city job centre to demonstrate against cuts in benefits have vowed to help people when they are made redundant.

January 2011

BBC News UK- Campaigners warn over incapacity benefit changes
Mirror- Spinning the sick note myth
New Statesman- Tales from the front line: public-sector workers speak out


Mirror- Sick? Computer says no
New Statesman- James Purnell: I could have been Iain Duncan Smith
Sourcing Focus- ATOS Origin’s healthcare division awarded £300 million contract extension
Mirror- Tories hold £25k champagne party before announcing huge benefits cuts
Morning Star- On the shoulders of the vulnerable
New Statesman- The war on welfare scroungers, part 77
New Statesman- Judged fit to work? You could lose your benefits if you appeal
New Statesman- ATOS is "black and white" on fitness and disability
New Statesman- 500,000 people could lose sick pay
This is Hull and East Riding- East Riding councillors have backed injured ex-soldier Aron Shelton's fight to keep his disability benefit.
New Statesman- The cuts will destroy lives
New Statesman- Reducing the number on sickness benefits must be fair
New Statesman- Cameron's war on benefit fraud: the unanswered questions
Disabled Go News- EMERGENCY BUDGET: DLA reforms will ‘hit disabled people hard’
Guardian- Welfare crackdown begins with drive to reduce incapacity benefit claims
New Statesman- The mass unemployment Budget
New Statesman- Pre-Budget briefings: huge cuts to welfare
This is Bristol- Benefit system puts a strain on those who are already ill
New Statesman- The truth about those cuts . . .
This is Derbyshire- Medical details sent in error
This is Hull and East Riding- Mum of Hull soldier killed on frontline praises resigning officer for taking a stand
Mirror- Council tell teenager she's too unfit to work for job, but is then refused benefits for being too healthy
This is Cornwall- Cancer patients 'missing out on benefits'
Mirror- Tories' savage disability benefit reform in chaos as two in five appeals
New Statesman- The battle against benefit cuts and “poverty pimps”

2007 - 2009

This is South Wales- Tory plans could see 3,000 lose £25 per week in benefits
This is Derbyshire- Centre approved
This is Derbyshire- Medics to move in at restaurant?
New Statesman- Is Labour abolishing illness?
New Statesman- Labour and the sick note

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DPAC List of Advice and Information Sources

DPAC have put together a list of advice and legal sources for people undergoing Work Capability Assessment or people who have benefit issues with the DWP: http://www.dpac.uk.net/2012/09/list-of-advice-and-legal-info-resources/

WCA and ATOS in Government

Articles about ATOS in the French Media

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  1. Brilliant

    If any of your readers are interested we've written plays about Atos drawn from people's experiences for anyone to put on
    Atos Stories http://www.scribd.com/doc/93380043/ATOS-STORIESVersion5May
    The Atos Monologues http://www.scribd.com/doc/105841279/The-Atos-Monologues2
    Feel free to download and use!